Moola: Win up to 10 million dollars.

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Moola is a free site in which you can earn up to 10 million dollars. I have tried out the site thinking I could easily earn money real quick. Two hours later I was dumbfounded to find out it was the most difficult 8 cents i have ever earned. The methods I used were to play the three main games: Hi/Lo, Ro-Sham-BoFu(Ninja Rock-Paper-Scissors) and GoldRush.
The betting ranges are based on your levels.

Level 1: 0.01 cent
Level 2: o.o2 cents
Level 3: o.o4 cents
Level 4: o.o8 cents
Level 5: o.16 cents

and after each level they double up so

Level 6: 0.32
Level 7: 0.64

and so on until 10.5 million dollars

For every game, your bet is limited based on your level.

Early bet limits are shown beside levels 🙂

So while watching T.V, I used all my skills in the game Hi/Lo which was fairly hard even though I am quite the gamer, sad to say this game is based on luck more then skill. I always picked the card that was most likely to come up which are the odds. I would say I won as much as I lost.

Then I went to Gold Rush which was more skill then luck. I came up with a strategy and it helped me up to Level 4: o.o8 cents, but it was very hard to win at level 4 because it involved more luck for me and I was very unlucky at all attempts.

Then I finally figured out a system to maximize Moola points intake.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you find a slot game called Moola Cash Cow. You choose a charity you want to donate to but that is just if you win the jackpot. So i kept playing this slots game and i won money way simpler then putting my fate in the games. In one hour while playing the slots I earned 1 dollar and 32 cents. This is alot on the Moola site. No effort = Money :).

My verdict on Moola:
Ever Since I found out about the Cash Cow Slot Machine in two days I have earned $3 Dollars 1 hour each day while watching tv. So now i find it very easy to make money. Just keep playing the slots and whenever you win o.o4 – Jackpot then deposit you money in your balance:). This site is really good actually and despite my efforts in the games, the slots is a good way to go

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